The Spotlight Report includes a set of six videos, each corresponding to a specific topic of the report. They share the perspectives of organizations and initiatives led by migrants and grassroots organizations in local communities. The videos highlight both the work these organizations do and the specific rights that governments must protect and promote.

All videos will be published alongside the report.

Spotlight Videos

Regular migration pathways

“We decided to organize because we realized as a Union that workers are workers regardless of who they are or where they work from.”

Joan Sherak Gloria, KUDHEIHA, Nairobi

Access to services

“Most important is the integration of migrants into our societies, to invest our taxpayer money in the wellbeing, dignity and integration of people.”

Dr. Apostolos Veizis, INTERSOS Greece, Athens

Criminalization and detention

“People should be welcomed to the community when they first arrive rather than being put away in offshore centres as a detention place.”

Pinar Aksu, Maryhill Integration Network, Glasgow

Migrant workers' rights

“The precarious labor is global. Our struggle is international.”

Jhonniell Colina, UNIDAPP, Bogotá

Protection at the borders

“Now everything is enhanced and people get felony charges for reentry, for returning to their family.”

Eduardo Canales, South Texas Human Rights Center, Falfurrias

Climate-related displacement

Most countries do not recognize climate displacement as a stand-alone reason for granting international rights and protections to people who are forced to move. How can their rights be better protected?